Blackibex Expeditions
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Stay with us on:

  • Nomadic life

    Visit real Mongolian nomadic families

    Experience their every day life, their customs and traditions

  • Mongolia Highlights Tour

    Explore the history of Gengis Khan, visit to ancient and modern
    capitals, experience different culture, and live as nomads.

  • Wilderness Rafting Mongolia.

    Exhilarating white water rafting adventures you won't forget.

  • Classic Naadam Festival Tour

    Experience the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage “Mongolian Naadam
    festival” and continue travel to ancient capital city Karakorum.

  • 1-6 Day - Dog Sledding Trips

    Dogsledding adventure tours in Mongolian winter

  • Karakorum and Gobi Tour

    Enjoy a ride on a Bactrian camel over the amazing Gobi Desert,
    where first nest of dinosaur eggs was founded in 1922.

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