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why choose Black Ibex?

Why should you choose to travel Mongolia with us?

There are a whole bunch of reasons why Black Ibex Expedition (BIE) should be your number one pick when thinking about travel packages and arrangements anywhere in Mongolia. Here are a few reasons to help you decide!

Our company is 100 percent owned and operated by local Mongolians who are passionate about telling the world about the country and showing them its beauty in all its magnificent glory. Local connections help us arrange stays with nomadic tribes and access to hidden places around the country.

We understand that the entire experience of a trip depends on how smoothly, seamlessly and comfortably you are able to travel and stay during your trip. Our services are designed to provide the best vehicles, stay options and food that you can find in the country. We also help you with all the extra tools and accessories you need or want for your trip to Mongolia.

We only collaborate with other service providers who have years of experience and have made a name for being reliable in their services. By doing so, we ensure that you are never disappointed by any of the services we provide you throughout your trip, and you go back a satisfied traveler.

Our company has been around for over 11 years in Mongolia, providing customized and personalized services to travelers and explorers visiting the country. We have provided our exceptional services to over 10,000 visitors in Mongolia, and are members of JATA, PATA, ATTA as well as the board of the Mongolian Tourism Association.

Our tours and packages are unique and you get to experience the real Mongolia in all its beauty and uniqueness. We try to give you as much of an authentic experience as we can, in the time for which you visit the country.

Along with this, we only hire highly experienced drivers and guides to take you around. We also hire experts to plan specialized tours so that you only get the very best when you engage our travel services.

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