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World’s Tourism Market welcomes Mongolia

Mongolia took the spotlight in the world’s leading travel trade show in Berlin (IBT 2015) as an “Official partner country”, previously in 2011 Mongolia had participated as a “Cultural partner country”.

Mongolia’s participation in this event was to counter the effects of declining tourist numbers (by 5-10%), while there has been an overall increase in the number of tourists worldwide (by 5%). Previous participants such as Poland and turkey has shown a significant increase in tourist numbers (by 10- 30%). Mongolia has aimed to reach to 1mln tourists by 2017. This event has opened doors for Mongolia to see real growth in tourist numbers, however Mongolia needs to be organized, implement the correct management policies to make this a reality.

If we assume a single tourist spends USD1500-2000, Mongolia has the potential to obtain USD 2 bln in revenues or 20 percent of the country’s GDP from the tourism market. Especially in this period of economic crisis and lack of currency reserves, the tourism sector can become a “Life injection” for the economy by increasing exchange and give real benefits. Moreover, living standards and income of local people can be increased as a result of increased competitiveness of various business sectors of tourism such as; transportation, hotels, tourist camps, food and beverage, entertainment, handmade, consumer, banks and financial institutions.

On behalf of the Mongolian tour operator companies, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to state organizations and team of “Tourism Future” NGO for successfully participating in IBT 2015 as “Official partner country”. I personally consider this a good omen that “World travel market opens its door to Mongolia”.

We at Discover Mongolia Travel appeals to all state and private organizations to set a goal that implement sustainable proper marketing, increase service quality, and satisfy the needs of every single tourist, said Mr. Barsbold Baatarsure, President/CEO.

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